My name is Elisa and I am a photographer in the Tampa Bay Area. I am a wife to a bearded man, mama to two handsome little guys and a golden doodle, a coffee lover, and an addict to laughing. I was first really introduced to photography many moons ago at my high school in Delaware (yes, it is a state). I took a couple film classes, made some pretty awful photos in the dark room that I was unusually proud of, and took lots of selfies in my free time. I am happy to say that a couple classes turned into my life’s passion and as every photographer will tell you, I love what I do. Every time I get an email or phone call about a possible session, my heart does a little dance. I truly love my clients and the fact that I have the opportunity and privilege to be a part of their special moments.


What are your favorite photo sessions?

I love them all, but I LOVE my home sessions where I get to just capture honest, genuine moments of life at home.

Your biggest fashion mistake?

Bangs. I regret them every time. It just doesn’t work with my curly hair. Yet I keep getting them.

What is your favorite way to start the day?

If my boys aren’t screaming or greeting me with body slams, I am happy. But, I would have to sound cliche and say my favorite way to start the morning is with a hot cup of coffee.

Any favorite TV shows?

My hubby and I are definite suckers for cheesy super hero shows like Arrow and The Flash.